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Print receipts, tickets, and labels with the most reliable printers in the industry. For printing receipts, you have four thermal printing options to choose from. Ethernet printers require a direct connection to your router whereas Bluetooth can connect wirelessly to your iPad.

If you have a separate station for order preparation then you may need a second printer. For printing order tickets, choose between a thermal printer or an impact printer (uses ink ribbons). Thermal printers are faster and do not require ink, but if your tickets are printing in a warm environment with steam you should go for the impact printer. Note that at this time, Bluetooth printers cannot be used to print tickets, only receipts.

If you have any questions about what equipment works best for your space, call us at 866-300-9175.

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Not sure which credit card reader you need? Call us at 866-300-9175.

Accept credit card payments securely through your iPad's charging port with MagTek's iDynamo credit card swiper.

There are two different types of iDynamo, one for the 30-pin port and one for the lightning port - the type you need depends on which iPad you're using. For iPad 2 and 3, purchase the iDynamo 4. For iPad Retina, iPad mini and iPad Air, purchase the iDynamo 5. You can charge your iPad through the iDynamo using a micro USB cable.

Scan items at your register with the industry's most reliable Bluetooth barcode scanners.

You have two options, the Socket 7Mi and 7Pi. Both are 1D barcode scanners, but the 7Pi has a more durable body designed for higher volume stores. 

Charge your scanner when it's not in use with a compatible charging cradle.

If you have any questions about what equipment works best for your space, call us at 866-300-9175.

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